Sep 18, 2023

5 Awesome Accessories That Will Make Exploring In A Rivian Even More Fun

Once upon a time, the very idea of an offroad-worthy electric car was one of science fiction. Surely, you couldn't conquer the vast wilds without a gas-guzzling behemoth of a vehicle, right? But electric vehicle technology continues to improve, allowing this once fanciful notion to be realized in the form of Rivian's electric adventure vehicles, the R1T truck and the R1S SUV.

Despite their complete lack of gas reliance, these vehicles are just as roadworthy as any other rugged transport, making them great for camping, adventuring, and just generally cruising the world. If the car by itself isn't enough to enthuse you, though, Rivian also offers a variety of accessories to give your adventure a little extra oomph, including storage racks, camping utilities, and more. No matter where you're taking your Rivian vehicle in the world, these accessories can enhance your experience and allow the vehicle to serve multiple purposes.

The most important thing you can have while out on an adventure is proper emergency supplies. You may be here to have fun, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be prepared just in case. This is why Rivian offers its signature Field Kit, which contains everything you need for both medical and survival emergencies. After all, there are few things that make your whirlwind adventure substantially less fun than a nasty knee scrape or a hole in your tent.

The Field Kit includes (but is most definitely not limited to) adhesive bandages, alcohol wipes, pain and itch-relief cream, duct tape, a firestarter, a foldable shovel, water sterilization tablets, and 123 other vital supplies. All of this is packed up in a portable and discrete Cordura bag that stores neatly in the passenger-side door. For every possible emergency, and perhaps a few less-than-possible ones, the Field Kit is there.

Rivian cars are quite roadworthy, able to power through loose and uneven terrain. However, they're not infallible; even a Rivian's strong tires can occasionally get stuck in unstable terrain like sand, mud, or snow. In this situation, it may be tempting to call the whole trip off, phone for assistance, and sit and pout. Don't go calling the tow truck yet, though, because Rivian's got the perfect tool to get you unstuck.

Rivian's Recovery Boards, created in cooperation with MAXTRAX, are here to ferry your vehicle up and out of the muck. These sturdy, spiked boards can be placed in front of or behind your wheels when they're stuck to give them enough extra traction to power up and out. They're made of heavy-duty, commercial-grade nylon to ensure a long lifespan, and even if they do wear out, the spikes are replaceable, ensuring you always have an escape option.

As much fun as it is to cruise around in your vehicle, a proper adventure necessitates multiple forms of travel, be it on a bike, a kayak, a snowboard, or a surfboard. Don't feel bad for your Rivian vehicle, though, because with the right accessories, it can happily facilitate the quick and easy transportation of your favorite extreme sports gear.

Rivian offers rooftop mounts for its vehicles designed to safely ferry kayaks, snowboards, bicycles, and surfboards. These mounts all feature a sturdy, yet flexible design that can carry a good hundred pounds of weight with no problem. Each mount also includes handy modular features for minute adjustments, such as an integrated cam lever on the kayak mount or a wheel hoop and a tightening knob on the bike mount. When they're not in use, the mounts neatly fold up on the roof, so you can safely leave them there.

Setting up a camping tent is always a bit of an endeavor, forcing you to find a smooth patch of dirt, hammer stakes into the ground, and all that other annoying guesswork. Rather than worrying about whether your tent is level, why not guarantee its constitution by placing it right on top of your Rivian R1S?

The R1S Three-Person Tent is a weather-proof tent you can mount to the top of an R1S vehicle via the separate Cargo Crossbars accessory. The bottom of the tent features a thick and comfy wall-to-wall foam mattress, and it can comfortably fit three adult travelers. There are even two built-in skylights so you can gaze up at the night sky without getting eaten alive by bugs. When you wake up in the morning, you can pack up the tent into its rectangular package to keep it clean and fresh for the following night. The Three-Person Tent comes in two color options, Rivian Yellow and Pewter.

Camp cooking is a delightfully cozy pastime, but the setup can get a bit messy. Rather than relying on a bunch of rickety folding tables and rusty gas burners, why don't you let your Rivian vehicle take care of some of the organization for you? If you had a side-mounted Gear Tunnel shuttle installed in your Rivian, just give it a tap, and out pops the full Camp Kitchen, ready to sate those culinary cravings.

The Camp Kitchen features everything you need for a wilderness cooking experience, including an electric stove, a work surface, and multiple folding shelves and drawers to store your cooking pots and utensils. When you're all done cooking, just fold everything back up and push the Camp Kitchen back into the Gear Tunnel, no muss, no fuss. No more camp cooking on a plastic folding table with a mysterious, unremovable stain on it.

Rivian is not currently selling the Gear Tunnel shuttle or Camp Kitchen, but it will be releasing updated versions of both in the near future.