Oct 29, 2023

Mark Simone Claims Electric Stoves Are Part Of Government Conspiracy

A Fox Business Network guest claimed on Tuesday that efforts to encourage the use of electric stoves over gas ones are part of a government conspiracy to control household appliances.

Republicans are railing against a recent proposal by the Biden administration that would require water heaters to be more energy efficient. The move comes after several other initiatives aimed at encouraging the manufacture of more energy-conscious household appliances.

“What is it with this crowd in the name of climate change that they are operating Soviet-style, regulatory policies?” Larry Kudlow wailed on Tuesday. “And they’re jamming it down our throats and taking all consumer choice and freedom away. What is up with this?”

“They don’t value consumer choice,” Fox News contributor Liz Peek replied. “And they sure don’t value freedom. These are little puny efforts to combat climate change. You put them all together, and it isn’t going to have any impact.”

Kudlow returned to the water heater issue.

“I want some damn hot water,” he said. “You want to live like in Europe? “You ever try to take a shower in Europe? You can’t do it. You ever try to flush the toilet in Europe? You can’t do that either.”

Radio host Mark Simone then alluded to a previous Biden effort to encourage a transition from gas to electric stoves, and claimed appliances are a way to control the populace:

This is really about control. That’s what it’s really about. The reason they want you [to go] from a gas stove to electric stove is, eventually they can control that stove. They’re already doing that in some towns in California – controlling the thermostats. They can turn it down when they want to. You look at electric cars, they’ll be able to shut you down if they need to.

Everything – the new washer, dryer, you know, the new toilet, instead of three gallons, one gallon to save water. Now you gotta flush it 11 times.

Kudlow agreed.

“They are trying to run our lives, ok?” the host concluded.

Regarding Simone’s thermostat claim, he appeared to be referring to an optional rebate program that customers of California’s largest utility company can enroll in to save on their energy bills.

Watch above via Fox Business Network.

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