Jul 27, 2023

Still bowled over by shopping at Brightwood Hardware in Longmeadow (Commentary)

Moe Fieldstein inside his Brightwood Hardware store in Longmeadow in 2003. (The Republican / File)

I was thinking of Brightwood Hardware and Moe Fieldstein recently as I pulled several small cut glass bowls from my dishwasher. Not fancy cut glass, mind you. In fact, I’m not quite sure they even are glass, though my husband contends they are, because in all these years they’ve never been scratched.

I only know I bought these 13 small bowls from Brightwood Hardware in an emergency about 15 years ago, and I can honestly say I’ve used them nearly every day since. Despite that so-called unlucky number 13, they’ve been a great addition to my kitchen, and besides, I was born on the 13th, so how could I consider the number unlucky?

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