May 18, 2023

We're obsessed with Sofia Richie's minimalist approach to jewelry—here's how to copy her chic vibe

By now, we're all very familiar with Sofia Richie and her 'Quiet Luxury' aesthetic but right now, we're zeroing in on her low-key accessories—in particular, Sofia Richie's earrings—so that we too, can accent our capsule wardrobe staples with a hint of expensive-looking bling.

Now, first things first, we must settle the age-old debate, is Sofia a gold or silver gal? Well, it seems she loves and wears both—so you can find a Sofia-approved piece to match whichever metal has your heart. Her collection is very varied, compared to let's say, Hailey Bieber's earring style (who often opts for gold, statement pairs). One day you might spot Sofia wearing some glittering diamond studs and the next, chunky gold hoops.

This means she's the perfect inspo for anyone looking to up their every day, shiny adornments—no matter your style—and we just so happen to have found some near-identical swaps for her go-to styles...

The first pair we want to talk about is her mini, ridged-shell-like earrings from her '24 Hours with Sofia Richie Grainge' Vogue video. The trendsetter matched the pair with a twisted, gold chain, giving her outfit a sophisticated feel. A pair of small gold huggie earrings and a matching chain are the perfect way to elevate a look from your work capsule wardrobe, without making your fit look too busy or a bit OTT.

Sofia also loves a medium, chunky hoop—which is also an easy way to dress up an outfit with minimal effort or transform an ensemble or makeup look from day to night.

We've noticed that if she's wearing a more statement earring, she tends to opt for no necklace. On the flip side, if she's sporting some smaller hoops, she'll pair them with layered chains.

Through our IG scrolling, we've also seen that Sofia loves a dangling earring—gold or silver and even on some occasions, pearl (very, old money vibes). Personally, we think this style or earring really brings an air of maturity and elegance to a fit, especially if they're on the daintier side.

A diamond drop earring, for instance, is guaranteed to make you look expensive and put together—both of which Sofia has become pretty synonymous with.

Mejuri Bold Croissant Dôme Huggies

RRP: $58

These are a close match to Sofia's earrings in her latest Vogue video.

Missoma Baroque Pearl Drop Mini Hoops

RRP: $123

Missoma Classic Tunnel Large Hoop Earrings

RRP: $154

DesignB London Tube Hoop Earrings

RRP: $12.50

COS Freshwater Pearl Dangly Earrings

RRP: $49

Swarovski Attract Trilogy Drop Earrings

RRP: $115

If diamonds are a little out of your price range, Swarovski crystals are a great alternative!

Now, let's address the elephant in the room, we are pretty darn sure Sofia's earrings are designer and thus expensive, but the styles and overall vibes are easy to find elsewhere—which we have...