Max 5000kg Electrical Cylinders Linear Actuators Electric Driven Push Rods Fdr135

Max 5000kg Electrical Cylinders Linear Actuators Electric Driven Push Rods Fdr135

Product DescriptionServo electric cylinder is a modular product designed by integrating servomotor and ball screw, which


Basic Info.
Model NO. FDR135
Description Servo Actuator Electric Cylinder Servo Motor
Transport Package Wooden Box
Specification parameters can customized as you need
Trademark FDR
Origin China
Production Capacity 30000 Sets /Month
Product Description
Product DescriptionServo electric cylinder is a modular product designed by integrating servomotor and ball screw, which converts the rotary motion of servo motor into linear motion, and at the same time optimizes the advantages of servo motor - precise speed control, precise rotation control and precise torque control is transformed into precise speed control, precise rotation control and precise thrust control. This is a new revolutionary product for high precision linear motion series which is the best substitute for pneumatic cylinder and hydraulic cylinder. The servo electric cylinder is widely used in material handling, high precision fields of machining, aerospace test equipment, six degree of freedom simulator, robot, injection molding machine, mold control, valve control, compact machine tools, and automobile manufacturing equipment, etc.
Linear electric cylinderThis series of electric cylinder integrates the technology of AC servo motor, servo driver, high-precision ball screw and modular design, so it has the feature of compact structure, low inertness, quick response, low noise, and long life. The servo motor is directly connected with the transmission screw of the electric cylinder, so that the encoder of the servo motor can directly feedback the displacement of the moving piston of the electric cylinder, thus it reduce the inertia and clearance of the intermediate link, and improve the controllability and control accuracy. The servo motor is connected with the electric cylinder as a whole, which is easy to install, set and use. The main parts of electric cylinder are all foreign famous brand products with stable performance, low failure rate and high reliability.Parallel electric cylinderParallel electric cylinderDue to the short overall length, the parallel electric cylinder is suitable for small installation site. At the same time, the synchronous belt adopted in this project has the characteristics of high strength, small gap and long service life, so that the whole electric cylinder has high controllability and control precision. The servo motor and the electric cylinder can match flexibly for easy assembling, simple setting, and convenient use.Specification
Position Repeatability (mm)Screw Lead(mm)Max Speed(mm/s)Max Thrust(KN)Standard stroke(mm)Screw Dia. (mm)Rod Dia.(mm)
±0.02 10/202080mm/s50100-2000mm/100 intervals4080

Product Feature1. Energy saving, clean and pollution-free2. Low noise, low friction, good stability at low speed, excellent controllability and stability3. Easy to install and use, low maintenance cost4. Adopting advanced modular design with compact structure, small size and easy installation5. High response, high performance, high reliability, multiple protection measures6. Long working life and could frequently start and stop7. Good environmental adaptability (low temperature, high temperature, plateau, salt spray, waterproof, explosion-proof and other harsh environments)8. Precision thrust control, pull pressure sensor control accuracy 0.05%9. Precise speed control, arbitrary speed waveform can be set to achieve high-speed and smooth without impact, and the control accuracy can reach 0.5%10. The repeatability positioning accuracy is ± 0.02mm (the control accuracy can reach 0.01 if the external displacement sensor is added)Structure Feature1. Forged aluminum alloy / high alloy shell: corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength2. High alloy steel / SUS304 piston rod: corrosion resistance, high strength, anti-rust, wear resistance3. Transmission mode: trapezoidal screw, ball screw and roller screw are adopted4. Protection grade: IP65 (special requirements could be customized)5. Convenient installation, simple maintenance, energy saving, low noise, high responseApplication1. Machinery and equipment field, such as food machinery, medical machinery, welding machinery, packaging equipment, etc2. Entertainment industry - Dynamic seat, multi degree of freedom dynamic platform, simulation and other fields3. Automotive industry - press fitting machine, fatigue testing and other fields4. Coordinate manipulator - automatic production line, material handling and other fields5. Parallel mechanism, 6-DOF platform, parallel machine tool, etc

Comparison of Electric cylinder/ Hydraulic cylinder / Pneumatic cylinder
Company ProfileSuzhou Fengda Automation Equipment Technology Co, Ltd is a high-tech and innovative enterprise which was founded in 2014. Ever since the establishment, we have been engaging in the research, design and manufacture of industrial automation equipment, including electric cylinder, motion simulation platform, servo press machine, automatic production line project etc.Our products adopt advanced and mature technology of related industries in Europe and United States, and implement the standard modular design and assembly. We have been the preferred supplier for benchmarking enterprises in the industry for many years. The company product range cover all electric linear transmission equipment with features of accurate repeated positioning, speed and torque controllable and adjustable, strong impact resistance, compact structure, low inertia, high response, low friction, low noise, good stability and maintenance-free.In order to meet the various needs of customers, we provide integrated technology service which could help customers to save the time and cost for the product research and development, and offer the best power transmission and control solutions.
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FAQWhy choose FDR? 1. We are original manufacturer and we have been engaging in production and exporting of various electric linear transmission equipments for many years (established in 2014). 2. Many product ranges for selection including electric cylinder, motion simulation platform, servo press machine, automatic production line project etc. 3. We offer quality products with good price and fast delivery. 4. The goods of each order are fully inspected to assure the premium quality. 5. Sample order and less quantity order are also accepted. 6. We could make customized order or OEM production for our clients. 7. Our factory is located in Suzhou which is a neighboring city of Shanghai. The factory visiting, goods transportation and shipping are convenient. What's your delivery term?We accept EXW, FOB, CFR or CIF term.What's your delivery time for servo electric cylinder? For orders of standard models, deliver time is usually within 7-10 days. For customized models, delivery time is usually within 10-15 days.What's the mode of packing?For bulk order, we pack the goods by export standard wooden case (non-fumigation) which can withstand rough handling. For sample or small accessories, we usually pack it by export standard carton.What's your payment term? For payment, we accept T/T and L/C. How to ship the goods? Two options, one is sea shipping (usually for bulk order); the other is air shipping/ air express (usually for sample or small order). How do you make OEM production? We make the OEM production according to your samples or specified drawings. How can I inspect the goods? Before delivery, you could arrange the inspection in our factory by your company members or appoint the third party members to inspect the goods. How do you control the quality? We well understand the importance of quality to both our enterprise and our clients, so we take great efforts to quality management and control from material/accessories purchasing, product processing, to final assembling and testing. We welcome customer inspection or third party inspection before delivery. Do you have discount for the order?Yes, we could give discount for bulk order.

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