Oct 13, 2023

Carrier Transicold’s announces enhanced APU offering

Carrier Transicold has announced a new enhanced Aspen diesel auxiliary power unit. The company says it provides long-haul truck drivers enhanced cab climate control and electrical power during rest breaks, while also reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions from truck idling.

According to Carrier Transicold, the Aspen APU’s key features are:

Carrier Transicold notes that it offers several models of the Aspen APU, including an integrated system that uses coolant exchange for truck engine preheating, a stand-alone unit that powers the tractor’s block heater for engine heating, and a power-only version for work trucks that need auxiliary power but don’t require cab climate control.If equipped with an optional adapter, Aspen APUs can be operated using 115-volt shore power when the truck is parked, eliminating the need to run the APU engine.