Sep 22, 2023

Fort Solis: How To Unlock The Safe

Here's how players can unlock the safe in Fort Solis.

Developer Fallen Leaf's Fort Solis is a high-fidelity narrative-focused game that sees players experience the journeys of Jack Leary and Jessica Appleton as they explore the abandoned base of Fort Solis on the surface of Mars. With a cast that includes the likes of Roger Clark (Red Dead Redemption 2), Julia Brown (The Last Kingdom), and Troy Baker (The Last of Us), much of the game's strength lies in its storytelling as a psychological thriller.

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Much of the game revolves around players completing Quick Time Events, as well as investigating areas for clues and information, as well as access cards to gain entry to new areas. However, there are also a number of optional accessories players may wish to acquire in order to achieve 100% completion. These include audio logs, emails, posters, and, finally, the contents of Helen Dunpart's personal safe.

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Players will be able to access the safe during Chapter 4: "Forlorn", the final chapter in the game's story. Controlling Jess, players will need to make their way from the Atrium to the Greenhouse using the underground tunnel network. Greenhouse access is located on the lower level of the stairway, along with the Medical Bay. Having obtained the access card from the dead body in the Canteen, players can then make their way to the bottom of the Atrium by using either the stairs or elevator, at which point they will be able to progress through the doorway and proceed up the dark tunnels toward the Greenhouse.

Having entered the Greenhouse area of Fort Solis, ascending the stairs to the first level will lead players to Helen's laboratory. This section of the game is not essential to complete, but it reveals much about the game's story and adds a further layer of depth to Helen's character. The laboratory is filled with plant specimens and numerous reports players can interact to further piece together and understand what the botanist was trying to accomplish.

At the far end of this room is a door marked "office" in which players will find a computer terminal along with Helen's personal safe. Players can also view Helen's terminal here where they can find more personal logs and surveillance footage of Wyatt moments before killing her.

The code to unlock the safe is 0721. This can be found by listening to Helen's audio logs in which she specifies that this was her mother's birthday and that this would be a good code to use for her office safe. The audio log can be found during Chapter 1 of the game's story by searching Helen's desk among the offices. Players will find many small interactive items here, including a Rubik's cube and a wind-up robot toy.

Once the safe is unlocked, players will find a vial of Compound 26 inside, earning them the rare achievement "Everything Is Dust". Along with this, an audio recording is also left there, with Helen reporting gleefully back to her mother at home on Earth about the success of her discovery.

Fort Solis is now available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Mac.

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