May 15, 2024

Milwaukee Pipeline 2023 — Every Tool Announced

As a publication, Pro Tool Reviews attended the very first Milwaukee Tool media event back in 2008. Eventually, the event, became known as the “Milwaukee Tool Symposium” or Milwaukee NPS (New Product Symposium). The current “Pipeline” name began the year the company had to skip an in-person even due to global events. Fast-forward to Milwaukee Pipeline 2023 and we have a tremendous number of new tools and products to drool over. While some had been announced earlier, most were new. We’re going to take a brief look at our top 10 and give you a list of every new Milwaukee tool that was on the docket.

Forging ahead with the latest battery technology, the M18 and MX Fuel lines are the recipients of the new Forge batteries.

For the M18 platform, there’s a 6.0Ah pack, and yes, it uses pouch cells. This is a first for Milwaukee and they tell us they’re getting the power of the 12.0Ah High Output pack in this much smaller battery. Additionally, it charges from 0% – 80% in just 15 minutes and offers the longer service life than any of Milwaukee’s previous lithium-ion batteries.

The MX Fuel line is upgrading as well, adding 8.0Ah and 12.0Ah Forge batteries to the line. These aren’t pouch cell packs, though. Instead, Milwaukee cracked the nut on a true tabless cylindrical design, opening up lower resistance that leads to higher performance, faster charging, and longer life.

Price: $199 (M18 6.0Ah), $849 (MX Fuel 8.0Ah), $1149 (MX Fuel 12.0Ah)

In the category of “we didn’t see that coming”, Milwaukee launches a 36-inch concrete trowel and a 24-inch edging trowel as part of the MX Fuel line. These walk-behind models replace their gas counterparts and are perfect for scenarios where gas engines prevent issues due to emissions or noise.

Both trowels boast 5HP gas equivalent performance and while that may sound like it’s a runtime issue, the new Forge batteries have your back. Packed with 12.0Ah packs and an MX Fuel Super Charger, you’ll be able to work continuously as you cycle batteries.

Price: $5999 (24-inch Edging Trowel with two 12.0Ah Forge batteries and a Super Charger), $7999 (36-inch Trowel with three 12.0Ah Forge batteries and a Super Charger)

The new Milwaukee MX Fuel Plate Compactor has implications for both construction and landscaping. Hitting hard, this 20-inch compactor is capable of compacting 5500 square feet per charge over 35 minutes with a 12.0Ah Forge battery. The kit comes with two of those packs, and a Super Charger gets each one back to a full charge in 65 minutes.

The compactor has two speeds, making it easier to work around forms and edges. It’s also multi-directional, so working arcs and corners is easier. Whether you’re laying the groundwork for concrete or prepping for a paver driveway, it’s a convenient gas-free way to get the job done right.

Price: $5499 with two MX Fuel 12.0Ah Forge batteries and a Super Charger

We figure there would be a next level M18 Fuel router coming at some point. Even though the rumor mill has been quiet, the Milwaukee 2838-20 is due out in September 2023. This model fits in the 2.25 horsepower class with a top speed of 25,000 RPM. When you’re working 5/8-inch roundovers in softwood, the runtime is 225 linear feet on a 6.0Ah High Output battery.

All the features you expect on a Pro-grade router are present. A couple of accessories to keep your eyes on are a plunge base and an adapter that fits the router to Milwaukee’s track saw guide rails.

Price: $349 bare, $599 kit including the router, fixed base, plunge base, M18 6.0Ah High Output battery, M18 and M12 rapid charger, contractor bag, 1/4-inch collet, 1/4-inch collet, template base, dust shroud, spindle wrench, and edge guide.

The M12 Fuel woodworking lineup is getting a new addition in the form of a barrel grip jigsaw, and this thing is sleek. With the battery sliding into the rear, the handle itself is a smaller diameter than many models we’ve used, making for a more comfortable grip. At 3000 SPM with a 7/8-inch stroke length, it promises to cut faster than you’d think for a 12-volt model. Additionally, vibration control is built in along with 5 levels of orbital action to along with the jigsaw’s variable speed dial.

Price: $169 bare tool

Nitrus Carbide is Milwaukee’s top blade line for Sawzall blades. Now, the technology comes to oscillating multi-tool blades with incredible results compared to other OMT blades currently available. There are two versions to look for. Extreme Materials blades are your go-to for everyday cutting when you’re not sure what’s behind the wood or drywall. Extreme Metal blades are your top choice for attacking metal head-on. Pricing is the same no matter which blade you want.

Price: Singles are $24.99, 3-packs run $49.99, and 5-packs cost $79.99.

Ever since smart tools became a thing, we’ve wondered if we could get legitimate dial-in torque control on an impact wrench. Previous attempts were based on blow counts rather than actual torque sensing. However, Milwaukee has developed new-to-world sensors that not only help the M18 Fuel Torque Controlled Impact Wrenches have more accuracy, but also the ability to learn as they go.

Currently, Milwaukee is targeting the Power and Utility sector with this technology, so automotive techs may have to wait a little longer. That said, this is an exciting step forward that can eliminate the need for a two-step impact wrench/torque wrench process.

Price: $1299 – $1399

Prior to this model, your only option for cutting at height with a Milwaukee pole saw was to use the Quik-Lok model with an extension or two. That’s fine for folks who only have occasional pole sawing jobs to take care of. For those of you who use them more frequently, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Telescoping Pole Saw’s ability to quickly adjust lengths with a reach up to 13 feet to fit the job makes owning the dedicated model a better option to keep your productivity high and frustration low.

Price: $799 kit with a 12.0Ah battery and charger

For crews who maintain larger properties or those who tackle a large volume of small lawns each day, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Backpack Blower is a welcome sight. With 650 CFM and 155 MPH, it’s capable of matching or even exceeding the performance of 60cc gas units. Alongside the expansion of the M18 Fuel Quik-Lok attachment system, the professional lawn care crew’s trailer is looking more brilliantly Red than ever.

Price: $499 bare, $1499 with four 12.0Ah batteries and charger

Yes, we know Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel wet dry vacuums and Air-Tip accessories aren’t brand-new, but they were shown off at Pipeline 2023, so they’re fair game.

To put it succinctly, we’re impressed. Milwaukee’s cordless wet dry vacuum performance is fantastic, the build is clearly more durable than other designs, and we absolutely love the modular aspect. If you’re tired of treating your vac like a consumable you replace after every job, Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless wet dry vacuums are a big upgrade.

Price: $249 – $799

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