High Performance Workshop Fire Extinguisher Spare Part

High Performance Workshop Fire Extinguisher Spare Part

Overview Company ProfileNanjing Jiayi Fire Technology Co., Ltd is a professional leading supplier of fire extinguisher e


Basic Info.
Model NO. NA
Effective Range 2.5m, 3m, 4m, 4.5m, 5m, 8m, 9m
Retirement Life 5 Years, 6 Years, 8 Years, 10 Years, 12 Years
Dry Powder Type Superfine Powder, Ordinary Dry Powder
Power Source Chemical Reaction, Gas, Pressure
Transport Package Carton
Trademark Jiayi
Origin Jiangsu, China
HS Code 842410
Production Capacity 500000PCS/Yr
Product Description

Company ProfileNanjing Jiayi Fire Technology Co., Ltd is a professional leading supplier of fire extinguisher equipment in China.With quality products and competitive prices, we have grown rapidly to expand our business all over the world and gained good reputation in the fire fighting industry.We fully understand that quality comes first, and therefore our products have obtained international certifications namely ISO, CE, EN3, UL, CCC, CCCF etc.We take care of customers' various needs and provide customized service including OEM, ODM so as to strive for excellent customer service and achieve win-win situation.Our Advantages
  1. We have our own factory to ensure the quality of products.
  2. We have teams of professional and mature workmanship technology.
  3. Competitive price in the market.
  4. Support OEM/ODM.
  5. No MOQ and with sufficient stocks available.

High Performance Workshop Fire Extinguisher Spare Part

Product Parameters

POWDER Fire Extinguisher

Cylinder SizeD85*H270D110*H317D162*H422D184*H489D184*H581
Net Weight2.4kg4.1kg9.8kg14.2kg18kg
Working temp-20ºC~60ºC
Working Pressure14 Bar
Test Pressure27 Bar
Discharge Time(s)9s11s17s20s
Fire Class8A 34B C13A 70B C34A 183B C55A 233B C55A 233B C
Packing Size(mm)490*250*370370*270*415170*170*560205*200*610210*200*700

CO2 Fire Extinguisher

Cylinder Size (mm)D108*H330D114*H420D114*H610D152*H520D152*H670D152*H760
Wall Thickness (mm)
Cylinder weight>3.90kg>5.3kg>7.3kg>12.2kg>13.5kg>16.5kg
Agent>1.3kg CO2>2.0kg CO23.0kg CO2>4.4kg CO25.0kg CO27.0kg CO2
Net Weight5.8kg7.8kg11kg17kg20.5kg25kg
Measurements (cm)16*13*4617*13*5517*13*7223*17*6422*17*7922*17*88
Operating Temperature-20ºC to +60ºC
Working pressure≤15Mpa
Test pressure25MPa
Burst pressure≥40Mpa
Discharge time≥8s≥15s
Discharge range≥2m≥2.5m

WATER & FOAM Fire Extinguisher
Cylinder MaterialSS304ST12
Cylinder Weight (kg)0.40.530.752.73.2
Cylinder Capacity (L)0.651.32.57.811.8
Working Pressure14 Bar
Test Pressure29 Bar
Working temp0ºC to +60ºC
Propellant gasNitrogen / N2
Declare fire rate3A 13B C1A 10B C8A 34B C1113B 89B113B
Packing Size (mm)D75*H260D85*H340D102*H420D160*H550D180*H600
Total Weight (kg) +/- 0.113.2 +/- 0.2
Agent6% AFFF

WHEELED Fire Extinguisher
Cylinder MaterialCK4537Mn
Wall Thickness (mm)5.56
Cylinder Weight (kg)19.525505560100
Capacity (L)151830364580
Filling With CO2 (kg)101220243050
Net Weight (kg)394695100120195
Measurement (cm)38*28*11538*28*132110*50*110110*50*120110*60*130110*70*120
Using Temperature-20ºC to +60ºC
Working Pressure≤15Mpa
Test Pressure25MPa
Burst Pressure≥40Mpa
Discharge Time≥15s
Discharge Range≥3m
Tips For Selecting

Class A rating fire extinguishers are often water-based, and are highly effective in extinguishing burning materials found or stored in an office or warehouse for example. Water-based Class A extinguishers may also have additives to make them more effective.Class B rating fire extinguishers are usually foam fire extinguishers or powder. These extinguishers work by not only extinguishing flames but also sealing in any potentially dangerous vapours.Class C rating fire extinguishers will be dry powder fire extinguishers that are capable of separating the elements of thee fire triangle. Class D rating fire extinguishers are highly specialized extinguishers, designed to be used on specific metal fires with such exotic names as M28, L2 and Purple-K. They will have a long lance with a low velocity application on the end.Class E rating fire extinguishers are specially designed for use on live electrical equipment. While a powder fire extinguisher is non-conductive and safe to use, the most popular fire extinguisher for use on electrical equipment fires is carbon dioxide, which extinguishes flames without causing further damage.Class F rating fire extinguishers, also known as wet chemical fire extinguishers, are specifically for fires involving cooking oils and fats.

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High Performance Workshop Fire Extinguisher Spare Part


Q1. Do you provide customized products ?A1. Yes, we do OEM and ODM, or we are open for any other requirement.Q2. Do you provide sample for trial ?A2. Yes, we can offer free sample.Q3. What's the warranty ?A3. Our products come with 6-month warranty period, and we provide one-stop after sales service to assist you solve all problems.Q4. How long does it take for delivery ?A4. The products will be ready for delivery within 20 to 25 days as usual after the payment.Q5. What's the payment term ?A5. We accept L/C, T/T, D/P, PayPal, Western Union, etc.

High Performance Workshop Fire Extinguisher Spare Part

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