Aug 10, 2023

NewCon happy to produce American

Mining companies use countless pipes in the process. And those pipes need to have good valves.

NewCon in Hibbing is proud to manufacture American made products that end up all over the world.

“We work with foundries and machinists, coating suppliers, instrumentation suppliers and fabricators from across the Range. They all play a huge part in producing our product,” explained Jason Schwartz, the president of NewCon.

WDIO stopped by on Friday to check out their facility on Highway 37 in Hibbing. They had valves ready for shipment that had been ordered just the day before.

About a dozen people work in this family owned venture, which has been around since 1979. And it does have a family feel, despite a global presence.

Tyler Steinhart, the sales manager, said, “It’s really cool to go around to different places in the United States and Canada, and see our valve performing well.”

Co-worker Tyler “Tig” Kozumplik added, “There are bigger companies, in western United States, and in South America and inner Mongolia that keep us busy. We’ve been able to thrive even when mining is down here.”

He told us it’s also nice to see the products in the region, like at Northshore Mining’s Mustang Project.

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