Nov 05, 2023

2023 Dealer Design Awards: Indoor Air Quality

ZERO OZONE: RGF Environmental Group Inc.’s Reme Halo Zero in-duct air purifier is UL 2998-verified zero ozone. (Courtesy of RGF Environmental Group Inc.)

RGF’s Reme Halo Zero is an in-duct system that actively works to improve residential IAQ. Utilizing RGF’s proprietary aGHP-Cell technology, the Reme Halo Zero creates low-level, airborne gaseous hydrogen peroxide (aGHP) throughout the entire conditioned space. The aGHP technology aims to reduce microbes, odors, and allergens at the source. The Reme Halo Zero in-duct air purifier is UL 2998-verified zero ozone.

The Reme Halo Zero is a duct-mounted system positioned in the supply plenum. Wired to be constantly on at 24 VAC and drawing less than 1A, Reme Halo Zero efficiently uses existing ductwork to distribute aGHP throughout a building’s conditioned space.

“The moment someone sneezes in your home, the Reme Halo Zero jumps into action, immediately reducing contaminants before they become widespread,” said Ron Fink, CEO and president, RGF Environmental Group Inc. “Reme Halo Zero employs hydrogen peroxide as a purification vehicle, which has the natural ability to inactivate airborne contaminants at the source. The unit also utilizes the coagulative power of ionization, which uses electrical charges to clump airborne dust, dander, pollen, and allergens together, making existing filter equipment more efficient.”

RGF spent two years researching and developing the product. The company actively contributes and develops ASHRAE committees focused on UV and air-purification device standards. RGF’s headquarters also maintains numerous test and validation setups, including an ASHRAE 185.2 UV device testing system.

While the Reme Halo Zero can be installed in any existing central air conditioning system, it is primarily used in 2- to 6-ton air handlers in homes or small offices. Primary benefits include the inactivation of particulates and the reduction of odors, particulates, toxins, and pollutants.

“As the IAQ industry continues to grow, the Reme Halo Zero is the perfect tool for contractors who want to help customers,” said Fink.

The panel of contracting judges were impressed with the unit as a whole, deeming the product well thought out and designed.

“Zero ozone is a significant addition,” said one DDA contracting judge. “RGF offering it as part of its IAQ product line should be a nice asset for its dealers.”

Anthony Pascucci, operations manager, Sansone Air Conditioning & Plumbing, has installed thousands of Reme Halos throughout South Florida. He said the installation process is easy and simple and that his company receives outstanding support from RGF.

“Every home should have a Reme Halo to help improve IAQ,” he said. “The innovative technology is the best of the best. As a homeowner, you can really tell the difference in your home almost immediately.”

SAFETY FIRST: Respiro’s CO/PRO is a carbon monoxide protection switch designed to monitor fuel-burning appliances and turn them off when CO production is detected. (Courtesy of Respiro)

Respiro’s CO/PRO earned the silver award in the 2023 DDA’s IAQ category. The CO/Pro is a carbon monoxide protection switch designed to monitor fuel-burning appliances and turn them off when CO production is detected.

CO/PRO works with furnaces, boilers, water heaters, and their corresponding exhaust systems. Its design allows CO to be monitored in two areas. The home’s supply ventilation (furnace), and the ambient air around appliance, including the furnace, boiler, water heater, and exhaust system.

The CO/PRO is a two-piece design consisting of the CO/PRO body and the optional ventilation tube. The ventilation tube screws into the back of the CO/PRO and is only used for furnace installations.

Because fire departments will evacuate a residence if they detect 35 ppm, the CO/PRO automatically turns off an appliance when it detects 25 ppm, stopping CO at the source before it’s a problem. Audible and visible alarms are activated to alert a homeowner of the condition. When the CO level decreases to a safer level, power to the appliance is automatically restored.

“Working in a confined space can be difficult, and many contractors have big hands,” said Mike Koch, president, Respiro. “We designed the CO/PRO with connectors that have a removable component that allows a contractor to make the wire connections in an open area instead of in a confined space. Once the wires are attached, a contractor can easily reconnect the connector’s components inside the CO/PRO.”

One contractor judge appreciated the unit’s ability to detect even the slightest of threats.

“I like that this is a low-level detector, as most on the market do not alarm until over 40 PPM, and this starts below 25 PPM,” said the judge. “The multiple ways it monitors is different than standard CO monitors. This unit provides way more protection to homeowners and reduces liability for contractors.”